rosewood_500x370Rosewood is a medium density hardwood that grows across South-East Asia. The heartwood varies from a lovely rich golden brown through to a rich deep red, although we generally only feature the red tones on request. The figured grain in Rosewood is particularly attractive, frequently including swirls, fiddleback, burrs and more.

 History & Uses

Rosewoods reputation as an extremely stable timber has made it a popular choice for use in window and door joinery, flooring and furniture.  It is a quality timber that has similar characteristics to the more expensive high grade cabinet timbers and lends itself to a wide array of applications, including musical instruments and fine furniture work.

mid-century-lingerie-chest_rosewood Features

We love to use Rosewood for so many reasons. It is an excellent timber to dress, joint, glue, sand etc but most of all it stains particularly nicely. It looks wonderful in its natural golden brown colour, but we also like to use our special Walnut stain (derived from the husks of actual Walnut shells) for a natural rich dark chocolate tone.

Rosewood in certainly a quality cabinet timber in its own right, but its inherent stability makes it a perfect secondary timber for internal drawer components/runners and also general internal framing.

The natural light brown colour of Rosewood is reminiscent of the ‘Golden Teak’ tones common in Danish Mid Century furniture, and so is well suited to our Mid Century pieces.  While the grain and colour of Rosewood is visually appealing, it can be variable and it requires some effort to consolidate this diversity into the finished piece but is well worth the time spent.