We use and stock the following species we work with regularly and consider each to be an exceptional quality cabinet grade timber worthy for use in fine furniture.

Each timber is quite different with its own unique qualities and we hope will cater to a wide range of tastes and applications.

So whether you are interested in the clean lines of Contemporary Furniture or a Classic 1900’s Bedside table with a little more detail, one of the above timbers should fit the bill.

Many (but not all) products can be made to order in your choice of the above timbers, so we do encourage you to contact us to discuss suitability and availability.

If you would like to see the timbers in real life, we are happy to send polished timber samples through the post. Cost is $20.00 incl. post (deductible when you purchase a finished item)

From time to time we also have some speciality timbers available. At the moment we limited quantities of



very nice ‘Acacia’ style species, a little like Tasmanian Blackwood but substantially harder. Great for Dining Tables


Leopardwood (also called Fishtail Oak)


similar grain to Silky Oak, only substantially harder and denser! Also excellent for Dining tables