American Oak

American Oak (also known as American White Oak) is a native hardwood of North America. It has a coarse, open grain texture and a distinctive figured grain pattern common only to genuine Oak species. Colour ranges from a pale to medium golden brown tone but it also stains well to a wide range of colours if required.


Perhaps one of the most versatile timbers on the planet, the use of Oak as building material is well documented with archaeological discoveries in Bronze Age house frames, ancient sea vessels, early sailing ships and countless other
applications over the course of history.  In recent times Oak continues to be a celebrated favourite among builders and furniture makers the world over.


The strength and durability of American Oak make it an excellent choice for high quality flooring and fine furniture applications.Historically, all Oak species have had a diverse range of uses includes early building frames, engineering projects, carriage wheels and it is still used in wine barrels and cooperage applications.

The popularity of Oak has continued into the 21th Century and can be seen in wide range of both Antique and Contemporary styles.  American Oak is the timber of choice for Arts and Crafts furniture and also works perfectly in high quality Contemporary furniture and internal joinery.


In addition to its inherent strength and durability, American Oak is highly regarded for its visual appeal. It is ideal for fine furniture, where aesthetics are of equal importance to strength. The attractive grain is further enhanced with accents of quartersawn figure when the medullary rays are exposed.

American Oak also has excellent workability. It planes, glues and polishes consistently to a high standard.  As a large species, it is often available in wide sections, making it a perfect for durable and beautiful Dining Tables and Desks.