blackbutt_500x370Blackbutt is a member of Eucalypt family and grows abundantly on both East & West coasts of Australia. It derives its name from an ability to survive forest fires, while leaving the tree with its characteristic charred black base. Blackbutt is an excellent plantation timber and is one of Australia’s most important native hardwoods. Ours is sourced from Northern NSW and South East QLD

Blackbutt has a medium, even texture and predominantly straight grain. The colour ranges from cream to pale brown and may include pinkish or yellow accents. Generally it looks best in its natural tone, but can be stained if required.


Blackbutt is strong and durable, making it a popular timber for furniture and flooring. It’s one of the major hardwood timbers used in a variety of construction work including rafters, battens & weatherboards. Interestingly it’s also highly sought after for use in fine quality paper products.


Blackbutt has a quiet, sophisticated grain which is accentuated by natural variations such as gum pockets and veins, insect trails, borer holes & burls. These naturally occurring variations are typical of the species and when used tastefully, offer a visually pleasing element to furniture. We encourage all our clients to express their preference as to what degree we incorporate these features into their finished piece.

The straight grain of Blackbutt is hard and strong, making it a great choice for durable dining tables & work surfaces. Although it is about the densest and heaviest timber we use, it still works quite nicely and is definitely worthy of use in finer pieces.

The pale tone and refined grain of Blackbutt is particularly suited to Contemporary furniture and is my personal favourite of the blonde Eucalypts.