Antique beds

Like many people (especially antique collectors) I love the look and emotion that genuine Antique beds offer.  Nothing sets the tone of a bedroom setting more than a classic old world antique bed. Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts influences on Antique beds Although relatively short lived, the influence of both the Art Nouveau & […]

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Hand Made Is Best

I often get asked ‘how do you do the carvings?’ or ‘what machine does the carvings?’  and even (cringe) ‘where do you buy the carvings?’ While we do enjoy the benefits of using a wide range of wonderful modern machinery and tooling, I believe that carvings should be done the old fashioned way and that […]

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Our New Website

Exciting times, the new website is now up and running. I’ve been very keen on upgrading the old site, but always successfully convinced myself to do it ‘some other time’  It’s proven to be a mammoth task, so I am very excited that this upgraded new site will be able to cater for an ever […]

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Inspired Beginnings

For many years my passion for beautiful things had me yearning for a lovely old style bed (you know, the kind they just don’t make anymore). Sadly my 6 ft plus frame wouldn’t allow me to settle for an antique double bed complete with sagging wire springs. Artistry Born Out Of Necessity By chance I […]

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